We often hire bikes for the whole family at East Coast park (can't fit 4 bikes in the boot of a taxi) and ride north along the coastal paths. One of our favourite places to stop and have a rest is the lake just before the Seafood Centre.
This is where we watch everyone from 7 year old children to middle aged professionals cable skiing. I must admit we have only been spectators so far, but for anyone with a bit of stamina, I think this sport looks truly great fun.
The "ski 360 degree" people have erected a cable similar to a ski lift cable around the lake which rotates counterclockwise. As it approaches the launching dock, you grab the handle on the rope and it pulls you out to the water. It is the same concept as water skiing behind a boat but without the boat.
Eight people can be skiing at one time, so there is always someone to watch. Some are athletically trying jumps and spins, others count themselves lucky to stay on. Beginners can start with the kneeboard and later try the more difficult
Life jackets are provided, but children must be competent swimmers because if they fall off they must swim back to shore.
There is a Restaurant/Bistro right there too, serving Chinese and Western Cuisine with a terrace where you can sit and watch the antics on the lake.

Ski 360degree
No 1206A East Coast Parkway
Car Park E1
tel: 6442 7318
Restaurant:6442 5718

Operating Hours
Monday-Friday 10am-10pm
Saturday, Sunday &Public Holiday 9am-10pm

1 Hour Weekdays $32, Weekends $42
2 Hours weekdays $48, Weekends $64


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