We love little India. My sister and her husband and 3 girls are visiting from Alice Springs and thats the first place we headed for. It's a great education for the kids. Even with the torrential downpour, we saw sights that transported me to my backpacking days in India. Dohtis hitched up over knees to avoid the rain, bright pink turbans, bindis, henna, gawdy gold jewelry, Bollywood music blaring out from shopfronts. It all mixes together unforgetably.

We headed for a little restraunt on Upper Dickson Road off Serangoon Road for Dosais. The kids love 'paper dosais' which are huge paper-thin pancakes which break off in the fingers in crispy chunks and can be dipped into a couple of different gravies. This picture shows my daughter Maya enjoying a mango lassi before tucking into her dosai.

I love the masala dosai which is filled with spiced potato. When we were backpacking in South India many years ago we practically lived on this 'snack'.

We also treated the kids to a henna design on their hands. It only takes a few minutes, they get to pick which design they want, but then they have to be really careful not to knock the henna for at least half an hour. Scrape the henna off, and the design is temporarily dyed onto the hand. It lasts about a week, less if they are in and out of swimming pools. Here is Ben having the henna applied.


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