I haven't experienced a real winter for a couple of years now, but the weather at moment feels pretty close. I wear jeans (I know locals wear them all year round, but to me that would be pushing it), and even pulled the doona over me a few times the last week.
Outdoorsy things are a bit difficult to plan during monsoonal downpours, so what other options have we? At home we would visit the cinema, but here there just isn't much worth seeing (we did see 'Enchanted' which was fun).
As I was given my first iPod for my birthday last week, I have been exploring download options, and found that I can have unlimited access to movies, games, and music for only $1.37 a month if I sign up for a 2 year membership. What a good deal is that! Click Here! to check it out for yourself. There are heaps of new release movies as well as all the latest music. My kids' music taste is pretty different to mine, but I think we can find something for everyone, and then we can get down to playing musical chairs!
I love my iPod, and now I love it even more.


Nebayam said... @ December 9, 2007 at 11:41 PM

What a beautiful flower. Like the blog - lots of handy tips

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