Now that I have children, I envy people who can kick back on a Sunday, read the newspaper from front to back, sip a coffee, and munch on a full breakfast. It just isn't the same once you've had kids and you have to listen to squabbling, teasing, slurping and all the other charming sounds associated with children.
The closest I come to that state of relaxation is when I visit Simply Bread at Robertson Quay. The main reasons why this place does it for me is firstly, the seating is outside, actually right by the river, so there is space for the kids to run, scoot, or whatever without getting in anyone's way. Secondly, it is very casual-collect your own water and cutlery and order from the counter, and thirdly the food is delicious, nutritious and very child friendly without having an awful 'kid's menu' which consists of nothing but chicken nuggets, fries and pizza.
Simply Bread is predominately a bakery. They bake their bread on the premises daily using no chemical or preservatives. The sourdough is to die for. They also make various rolls and buns for take-away: cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, almond swirls and brioche are some of the favourites.
On Sunday Ben had a tuna sandwich ($7.95), which he could only eat half of as it was so huge. You can see the chunky slices of bread, and the filling was light enough for him to get his teath into.

Maya opted for the Brunch Plate with bacon ($11.90), but it also comes with either ham steak glazed with honey, or sausages. The bacon was really good; crispy but not too well done. She managed to polish off the eggs, bacon and two slices of toast, so I had the last slice with the jam and butter.

I had the 'GHC'-shaved ham and cheddar with mustard toasted in the hot grill. Both kids decided that it was their favourite of the three dishes. There is a good breakfast menu, with cinnamon toast ($2), french toast ($6.60), and eggs with various additions like mushrooms and roast peppers. We didn't try the 'peanut butter and banana toast', but this sounds like one for the toddlers. There are also salads with a few dressings to choose from and other sandwiches on the menu (all sandwiches come with side order of coleslaw).
The kids were happy with their hot chocolates, although they seemed a little watery, and my cappucino was good and strong. So I managed to have a few precious minutes over my coffee while the kids took their scooters off to explore.
Simply Bread have two other outlets- one at Sixth Avenue and one iin the city, but this one is great for its location. Right next to the Gallery Hotel, just walk along the river headig away from Robertson/Clarke Quay, and you can't miss it.
Simply Bread
60 Robertson Quay
01-15 The Quayside
tel: (65) 6732 2966
every day 9am-6pm
3 Phillip Street
01-02 Commerce Point
Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Fifth Avenue
01-03 Guthrie House
every day 8am-9pm


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