Last weekend, after we took the cable car to Sentosa, the kids spotted the Luge and decided that was the coolest thing they'd seen. Being a meany, I dragged them away from this part go-cart, part-toboggan joy-ride, saying that next visit we will give it a go. Plus, it's more fun to join the ride from the bottom of the hill so you can ride the chairlift.

I was heading for the Dragon Trail Nature Walk which I had read "brings you Sentosa's breathtaking and beautiful flaura and fauna". This 1.5 kilometre walk starts up by the beginning of the Luge ride and finishes down the hill near underwaterworld and Siloso Beach, so an easy walk for children. Sentosa always seems such a controlled, man-made place, so I was keen to find a bit of untouched forest on the island (yes I know, a tall order).

The kids were happy to follow the path into the cool forest, but the road noise seemed very close by and the trees rather thin so we didn't really feel like we were in a jungle.

I had read that there are Pitcher Plants on the left, so trying to spot one kept the kids interested. There are 'rocks' shaped like dragon heads and bones along the path, each with its own myth attached, so this is also fun for the small children. Unfortunately we picked a bad time to take this walk as part of it (probably the nicest part) was blocked off for upgrading. It was due to reopen on 25th January, 2008, so we will return to walk the whole route. We didn't spot the pitcher plants, and as for fauna, well, I spotted a couple of spiders, but not much else.
We had a look at Mount Imbiah, a peak of 60 metres above sea level, with magnificent views of the Southern Islands. You will discover remnants of an old fort and battery built in the 1880s and in use until the 1930’s here.

The Dragon Trail is a pleasant walk; but not spectacular by any means. It wouldn't be the highlight of your Sentosa visit, but non-the-less, an easy walk with small children and a good way to get down to Siloso Beach from the Cable Car Arrival Plaza. You never know, you could be lucky and see those insect eating Pitcher Plants that eluded us. And at the end you are rewarded with a lovely beach to relax on.


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