I have been to the Science Centre, Singapore many times with my kids, and every time we go they find something different to explore. This is no wonder, as there are more than 1000 exhibits here, as well as the Onmi-Theatre. It is easy to spend a whole afternoon at the Science Centre,as we did yesterday.

If you are wondering why I am referring to Science Centre Singapore and not Singapore Science Centre, it is because the centre has just been rebranded. I don't know how much they paid some marketing firm to come up with that brilliantly original name, but there you go. The idea is that the new name will clarify the centre's position as a leading science centre of the world.

Anyway, it is a great place for youngsters to learn about such things as chemistry, biology, DNA and such concepts as perspective, optical illusion, energy, atomic breakdown, mathematical patterns, electricity and technology.

All exhibits are interactive, which is why the kids love it. Hall D is popular with the smaller kids. They can watch a chick hatch, compare the speed of marbles running down a cycloid ramp, and bash different sized pots and pans to compare sounds. There is even a TV studio where they can produce their own show using two cameras, and can insert images behind the 'journalist' using the chroma key (bluescreen) effect.

There are scheduled show times during the day when 3-metre long lightning arcs are generated using a Telsa Coil, as well as a chemistry show and an 'insectmania' show
(Sundays and public holidays only).

We found the 'i-space' exhibit fascinating. This is where you can experience the latest technology for the home, office and for leisure, and get a taste of how communication technology will change our lives in the future. There is a digital touch table where you can design a card and see it posted on a screen, an office of the future where you can read emails, open files, look at photos, simply by moving your hands in the air. There is also an amazing digital atlas which you can use to zoom into any place on earth by tilting and turning the table. You can try to locate a specific building in Singapore, even your own home.

After all this exciting exploration, we were all starving and unfortunately the F&B outlets at the Science Centre are a bit limited. It is always disappointing when the only place to eat is MacDonald's (there is also an uninspiring cafe inside the centre); they could do so much more. Once in a while it is just an inevitability here in Singapore.

So after our break, and a look around the Kinetic Garden which has interactive sculptures and exhibits, it was back for a bit of waterplay in the Waterworks area. Bring a swim suit for the kids and they will love playing with the various water fountains. The favourite is the vortex water which sucks the balls down through the centre of the tube and pops them out for the kids to collect and throw back in the top. There are also huge buckets that fill up with water when someone turns a handle, and when the bucket is full it spills over whom ever is underneath for a total drenching. A good way to end the day.

The Omni-Theatre is definitely worth checking out and there are 5 or 6 showings in a day. At the moment the movies showing are "Hurricane on the Bayou" or "Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs" which are both 40 minutes long. You can buy a combined ticket for Omni-Theatre/Science Centre, so ask at the tickets counter.

Science Centre, Singapore
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081
tel- (65) 6425 2500
hours: 10am-6pm closed Mondays, except Public Holidays
Omni- Theatre
closed Mondays except Public Holidays
tel: (65) 6566 8197


Homemom3 said... @ January 20, 2008 at 11:54 AM

wow, these are great shots. My kids would love to visit that place.

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