The Sentosa cable car ride was a treat for my kids as we'd been meaning to try it out for the last 2 years and never made it. We meant to do it when the Grandparents were here but weren't sure if they would have been able to get on and off with ease.
Of course the Sentosa cable car is no secret; you can see it for miles while driving in the south of Singapore, and it is one of the main tourist attractions in Singapore. Nevertheless, it is worth reviewing as it could be a load of overrated, overpriced hype, couldn't it.
With that in mind, we headed for The Jewel Box at Mount Faber. I was expecting an expensive ride, so the $46 for myself and the two kids wasn't too much of a shock. This price was for return trip in a glass-bottomed cabin (adult $20, child $13) and includes island admission of $2. They have done away with one-way tickets: the return ticket was only a dollar more so who would buy a one-way ticket? There are also some special packages you can buy which include various attractions on Sentosa.

The standard cars are fine but paying the bit extra for a glass-bottom car made the ride a little bit more special (it also meant that we could jump the queue on the return leg as most people were travelling in the standard cars). The kids were very excited as the car sped up as we left the shelter of the tower and we were left dangling with just glass between us and the world around. My daughter commented that she hadn't realised there were so many trees in Singapore, and you do get a great view of leafy area around Mount Faber.
Actually the view of Singapore is spectacular. On a clear day you get a great view of the city with Vivo City in the foreground, and looking west we could see,well, AYE (freeway) and the suburbs beyond, the harbour with ferries and cruise liners, and as you approach Sentosa, the islands to the south become evident.

For the views alone the trip is worth it. The elderly will have no problems boarding and alighting as the cars move around very slowly and give you plenty of time to ease in and out of your seat.

The trip only takes 12 minutes from Mount Faber. You can board at HarbourFront as well, but this is quite a short ride (5.5 minutes) and not as rewarding. We could see the brightly coloured monorail doing the rounds between VivoCity and Sentosa, but the kids were definitely happy to be 90 metres up in the sky.
Also available is "Sky Dining", a three-course meal aboard a specially furnished cable-car. Boarding at sunset (6.30pm), you do the round trip 3 times, taking 90 minutes, and getting your next course at each return to the starting point. This is a very popular place to propose and is marketed as a uniquely romantic experience! Perhaps leave the kids at home for that one.
For more information go to: or call (65) 6377 9688
hours of cable car: 8.30am- 11pm


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