This small museum captured my heart when I first visited not long after moving to Singapore. I think the fact that it is low-key, a little tucked away (although very accessible), and housed in a beautiful old building with historical significance makes it a delight to visit.
The building was actually an addition to the Anglo Chinese School, and built in 1906. There is charming ornamentation above the double leaf full-length windows and arches along the second floor verandas.
Inside, through the small gift shop, the museum is divided into various multi-media interactive and hands-on displays that make the museum fun for children. Did you know that not all stamps were printed on paper? Or that the first stamps ever used in Singapore were from India? There are many stories that can be told through the history of stamps, and the visual strength of stamps make them the perfect educational tool.
There is a rare collection of archival material such as essays, rare proofs, and of course stamps. Many date back to the Straits Settlement era (1826-1946), the most interesting being the Bisect stamps. During the period 1855-1860, there was a shortage of stamps in the region, so the postmaster would cut the stamps diagonally to double the quantity. Very innovative!
Educational activities and public programmes designed for schools, families and the general public are organised by the Museum. Birthday parties can be held here, and watch out for workshops and overnight camps held during school holidays.
Out the front of the museum is the only operational colonial postbox in Singapore, so the kids will enjoy dropping a postcard in here. You can purchase miniature post boxes based on actual post boxes from around the world, as well as stamp series from the gift shop. These are themed in such groups as 'Song Birds', 'Historic Buildings', 'Traditional Kampong Games', and 'Land Transport'. You can also buy packs of mixed stamps and albums for the budding collector.
Fort Canning park is just up the hill, the Central Fire Station (Singapore's oldest fire station and open to the public on Saturday mornings) around the corner, and Singapore River down the road a bit, so the museum could easily fit into a pleasant day in central Singapore.

Singapore Philatelic Museum
23B Coleman Road, Singapore
Mondays 1pm-7pm
Tuesday-Sunday 9am-7pm

tel: (65) 6337 3888

Adults $5
Children $4


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