Go grab your last-minute tickets for the Chingay Parade tonight! Don't miss the spectacle!

I wrote a post about Chingay a while back, and have been waiting for the event with anticipation for weeks. I actually performed in the parade last year, and it was one of the best nights of my life. The build up with the rehersals, dress rehersals (which in effect was what last night was), costume fittings, make-up application, are all tons of fun and for an amateur, a little taste of the theatre.

It is the energy and enthusiasm of both the performers and the spectators that really make this parade special. Of course the costumes and floats are spectacular, with lots of imagination and thought gone into everything.

We didn't have tickets, but took our chances last night and found a pretty good spot by the Esplanade Park (and unfortunately the porta-loos). But if you want to have a more comfortable spot ans don't want to pay too much, I would recommend the picnic areas at Area 3. Here the seats are raised so you get a good view of the performances, and you can catch a glimpse of the firecrackers at the beginning of the parade.

The parade started about 15 minutes late last night (8.45pm), and it took 20 minutes for the floats to make their way around the Padang from Area 1 opposite City Hall to where we were at Area 3 on Connaught Drive. So it is a lot of hanging around and got quite late for the kids. Nevertheless, they loved every minute of it, and even though they were dog tired at 10pm,we had to drag away. So we probably missed quite a few floats unfortunately.

The variety of floats and groups was staggering. We saw the noist, enthusiastic Japanese Community of Singapore, Tanglin Trust School's float, and performances from Taiwan, and the Phillipines. The stilt walking fire jumpers were exciting, and the pole balancers and dragon dancers always a favourite.

So I would suggest you get down there, even for a short while. The location is better than Orchard Road I think, as the River HongBao is still underway, so it feels quite festive down there by the river.
For ticketing informatin , go to: http://www.chingay.org.sg/tickets/parade.asp

Here are some pictures from Chingay Parade last night, 15th February, 2008


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