Little Big Shots is Australia's major annual travelling children's film festival. It hits Singapore between March 1 to 9,playing at the Screening Room at the Arts House, but is practically sold out.
It is an inspiring, meaningful and fun-filled festival of the best in Australian and international children's features, shorts, animations, documentaries and, amazingly, child-produced films. The films inspire discussion of world cultures, language, cultural diversity, emotional intelligence and human values. They will make children laugh, whoop, think and create.
The films are separated into two groups, one for 2-6 year olds, the other for 7-12 year olds. Unfortunately the films for 7-12 year old are all sold out. According to the sistic website, there is one showing of the 1-6 year old films still available, so you'd better be quick. This showing is on Thursday, 6th March at 10am. It is free seating and all tickets are $12.
If this time fits you I would go to sistic immediately to book your tickets.
The films are from such places as Zimbabwe, Spain, Uk, Estonia, France and Germany and the total running time is 57 minutes.


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