We visited the MacRitchie Reservoir again, this time over the weekend, and were pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was. When we visited MacRitchie the first time, it was mid-week and we practically had the place to ourselves. I really thought it would be a favourite place on the weekends for a lot of people as it does have something for everyone. There are jogging tracks through the jungle, exercise areas, picnic spots, and gentle walks as well as more strenuous ones.

We took the kids for a walk through the jungle first, along the Lornie Trail, to find some monkeys. We didn't have to go far before we were literally surrounded by them. The family of monkeys we saw the first time we visited were there, but this time they were relaxing directly on the walking trail. The little ones are cute, but the bigger ones can be a bit menacing. I had our picnic lunch consisting of apples, crackers and other bits, in a see-through bag over my shoulder, and one monkey in particular thought this was easy pickings. He followed me as I edged my way around groups of monkeys, and stayed with me for about 500 metres. I was panicing as I imagined him jumping up to try to grab the bag, so I hid it as best I could under my t-shirt. Eventually he lost interest and wandered back to his group.
A little later, we saw young man meandering along the path chomping on an apple when a monkey actually climbed up his leg to try to grab the apple. So a word of warning-keep all food hidden away.
The kids thought it was very exciting to be so close to wild monkeys, and apart from the one monkey, they paid us no heed. Joggers who obviously go there regularly just jogged through and around them, and the monkeys were not bothered.
At Exercise Station B we turned back to walk along the boardwalk which follows the reservoir. The kids were tired by then, so the wooden benches along the way became their beds and it became harder and harder to prize them off. A few people were enjoying the walk, but it definitely wasn't crowded as I had feared. Even though it is a level walk, that little loop is about 5km and the kids were bushed by the end. But after a cold drink and an icecream at the cafe, they had forgotten their aching legs.


Anonymous said... @ February 20, 2008 at 8:11 AM

Hi Milly, thanks for sharing your finds! MacRitchie is one of our favorite places, although I have to say we're not fond of the monkeys.

Mind if we share your blogs with other Singapore expats or folks who are thinking of moving to Singapore?

We've got a list of expat blogs up on our site. :)

Milly said... @ February 20, 2008 at 6:06 PM

Hi there. Thanks for your comment and I would be delighted if you shared this blog with your readers. Happy reading and do visit again soon.

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