When you have an active toddler it can be a challenge to keep him or her occupied and stimulated. When my daughter was little the highlight of the week was meeting up with her playgroup and having a couple of hours of fun in a different location each time. It was great socialisation for her, but also for us mums it was a wonderful opportunity to swap stories, learn from each other and build new friendships.
If anyone is looking for a playgroup here in Singapore they can join the playgroup at www.playgroup.meetup.com/956/ Set up last year by Tammy Fontana from USA, this group has 42 members so far. Once you are a member, you can choose an activity from the callender that suits you, or suggest an outing. They organise activities such as swimming and bike riding and indoor activites like story telling and games.
On thursday 7th February they are meeting at Singapore Zoo to watch the Lion Dance and Prosperity Drum Performance as well as the Auspicious Stiltwalkers. What better way to usher in the Chinese New Year than with a group of new friends enjoying some top entertainment.
For more information about the lion dance at the zoo, go to http://www.zoo.com.sg/


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Milly what champ you are and what a find this blog is. Thanks for sharing

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