There are so many classes available for preschool and school-aged children that it can be bewildering trying to find the right one for your child. Everything from drama, music, swimming, taekwondo and gymnastics can make for pretty busy kids.
Of course they can't do everything, otherwise you will end up bankrupt and they will have no free time for just play. Sometimes I'm happy to hear my four year old say he's bored (he doesn't say it too often), because he is then forced to use his imagination to find something to do. When everything is too structured and organised there is no time for them to enjoy their inner world of imaginative play.
Saying that, of course our children need activities that will promote self-confidence and help them develop a positive attitude towards life. It is important to find the right balance between creative and exercise-based activities.
This is where yoga classes for kids comes in. The benefits for children are huge-from increased flexibility, strength, stamina and coordination to promoting self-discipline and concerntration. Children's yoga classes incorporate games and cooperative play to gently ease the children into a knowledge of themselves and yoga. Yoga therapy has been known to help children with ADD/ADHD and autistic children with overall health and well-being.
OmShivaYoga hold kids yoga classes on a Saturday afternoon with the inspirational Asokan. He combines the Hatha yoga asanas(or postures) into fun games and energetic play. He introduces them to gentle breathing techniques as well as relaxation techniques.
For children from around five years, this is a great way to start a life-long journey of self-discovery.

Contact Asokan on (HP) 90997865
Om Shiva Yoga
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