Have you ever seen that castle-like structure on the beach near the East Coast Food Village? Every wondered what it was? Have you taken a closer look and seen some enthusiastic kids and adults actually making sand castles here?

The castle houses the office of Mr Alvin Lee, founder of Castle Beach, a non-profit organistion which helps under-privileged children learn self confidence and self-expression through challenging tasks and team work. Mr Lee and his volunteers believe that the value of play, construction and imagination are vital parts of a child's education, and the sand castle building is a unique way to incorporate all these elements.

The volunteers conduct sandcastle-building lessons for the public from 3pm to 7pm on weekends. These classes promote family bonding and team work as participants work together to create a beautiful creation in the sand. The lessons are free, but participants need to buy Mr Lee's patented 11-part building kit. Costing $30, the kit comprises moulds that create structures such as towers, staircases and battlements for the castles.
The sandcastle kit was a family project, inspired by Mr Lee's son and a niece. In the early 1990s, the trio got bored making plain sandcastles and decided to convert their family kitchen into a workshop, creating 150 prototypes of moulds using plastic, wood and piping. The kit went on to win the prestigious US Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award in 1997.
What better way to have some fun in Singapore. Here, where it is hot all year round, the perfect place for self-expression must be the beach, where you can be free to do and create whatever you like.

For more information about Castle Beach, you can visit http://www.castlebeach.org/ or http://www.castlescanfly.com/


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