Riding a bike is a great way for the whole family to enjoy the fresh air while getting in a bit of mild exercise. Its not going to be a total cardio workout with small children tagging along, but it it still lots of fun and very rewarding to see your little ones become confident on their bike.
Of course it is ideal if you can sling your own bikes on the car rack and find a spot, but without a car the bikes just wont fit in a taxi. Hiring bikes is an inexpensive option, and there are plenty of places that have decent bikes.
Our favourite is East Coast Park where there are a couple of bike hire places and plenty of space to ride. They always have a good selection of bikes to choose from and even give you a bottle of water when you return the bikes. There are tandem bikes, mountain bikes, bikes with front babyseat and bikes with babyseats behind the rider's seat for slightly older children.
If you want a little bit more adventure, Pulau Ubin is the place to head for. Get off the ferry and head left down the "main road" and there are lots of bike hire places, some better than others. Just check out the condition of the bikes before you hire them, but there should be no problems. The riding in Pulau Ubin can be quite challenging for young riders as there are dirt tracks and some quite steep hills. However, if your children are confident and enjoy getting out of the urban sprall and closer to nature, Pulau Ubin is a fascinating glimpse of what Singapore must have been like once upon a time.

For a gentler ride, Pasir Ris and Bishan Park are both lovely. Bishan Park is good for small children as it is a relatively small riding area and very shady. There is also a great playground close to the Skateline and also some beautiful looking cafes surrounded by shady trees. Here there isn't such a wide selection of bikes, and it is more expensive, but nevertheless worth visiting if you are looking for somewhere different.

Here are some contact details for bike hire in Singapore:

East Coast Park
Beach Cabana
East Coast Park Area C (5 minutes walk from McDonalds)
6344 4773

Our Family Corner
Car park E2, East Coast Park

Pulau Ubin
Comfort Bicycle Rental and Trading
18 Pulau Ubin
6545 3232, 6542 0557

Pasir Ris Park
Rent-a-bike Kiosk
51 Pasir Ris Green

Bishan Park II
Skateline Pte Ltd (also skate hire)
25 Ang Mo Kio Avenue
6453 3959


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