I mentioned in an earlier post that Turf City was becoming THE place to go with children. Now I think it HAS become the place to go with children. There are so many great things to do with kids at Turf City that if you haven't checked it out yet, you really must.

My latest find is that the very child-friendly cafe Scrumptious! is hosting free storytelling every weekend, on the hour, between 1pm and 4pm. The story tellers are members of the theatre group I Theatre, whose latest production, "The Little Red Hen" at Alliance Francaise Theatre, was a great success.

Two stories were read today; "Where the Wild Things Are", by Maurice Sendak (one of my favourite children's books), and "Too Too Moo and the Giant", an Indonesian folk tale.

The cafe has some great miniature armchairs and couches for kids, and these were rearranged around the little performance space. Performing at such close proximity to the children must be very different from performing at a major theatre, but the performers did a great job at engaging the children in the stories. Apart from a slightly rushed ending to "Where the Wild Things Are" (I love that Sam's supper is still hot when he returns to his room), it was a delightfully exuberant telling of the story.

The story of "Too Too Hoo and the Giant", although unfamiliar to me, had many elements to entertain and enlighten kids-a scary monster, a little girl with a forgetful mother, suspense, a funny story and a happy ending. My son thought the storyteller was very funny and he laughed away at all her funny faces and clowning around.

To keep small children interested, the stories were told in 10 minutes each, and they used simple props and costumes, and a guitar for a good rumpus during "Where the Wild Things Are".

There was no pressure for me to order any food, although I did have a delicious flat white. The cafe has a breakfast and lunch menu, and some scrumptious looking cakes and deserts. So if you are at Turf City for your child's Taekwondo, or swimming lessons, pop into Scrumptious!

Turf City, #01-19

200 Turf City Road

Tel: (65) 64636543


Maxine said... @ April 11, 2008 at 4:54 AM

Milly, there is some great info on your blog - thank you. I'm fairly new to Singapore and it's very useful to read your comments and to discover some child friendly places.

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