The National Family Council has just announced that the fourth Saturday each May will be named 'Family Day Out' and will hopefully be a platform for families to spend time together. There is a suggestion that it may even be made a public holiday.
This year, on 24 May, there will be at least 15,000 free rides on the Singapore Flyer, Singapore Ducktours, Hippotours, and Rhinotours (never heard of this tour). Each ride usually costs between $16 and $33.
To qualify, go to and answer a simple question ("What date is Family Day Out?"). Winners are randomly picked, and receive a voucher entitling them to 7 tickets on only 1 of the rides mentioned above. There must be one family member who is below 13 or over 55 years old in the group. This is open to all Singapore residents; you don't need to be PR.
Taking the whole family on one of these rides is usually quite expensive, so this is definitely worth taking advantage of. There are also discounted tickets to Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong BirdPark. For every two paying adults, one child goes free. Of course the crowds will be bad, but sometimes that is a small price to pay for a family excursion.


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