Every now and again, writing this blog leads me to something or someone very special here in Singapore. This little country is full to the brim with talented, creative people and so it gives me pleasure to be be able to write a little introduction here.

Local artist Lily Pang is busy creating beautiful paintings, and selling them from her blog Daily Paintings of Lily Pang and also online at dawanda. Her designs are simple, clean and have a zen-like tranquility to them. Mostly still-life, her compositions are so charming and refreshing that you will find it hard not to fall in love with them.

Go to her blog and have a look for yourself. I love her "Orchid" series and also the "Sunflower and Pears" watercolours. Here you can follow the process from her early sketch to the finished product. She gives comments on how she is feeling about the progress of a painting, or how her daily life affects the outcome of her work. It is a fascinating glimpse into the life of an artist who is obviously passionate about what she does.

In Lily Pang's latest work she has been experimenting with digital methods of colouring her ink drawings. The results are stunning, and as others have commented,would make beautiful fabrics. The painting inspired by an antique batik sarong has a naive, child-like quality to it and I think, would be lovely in a child's bedroom.

So if you are an artist wanting some inspiration, or looking for some beautiful art work for your home, or you are just curious, have a look at Lily Pang's blog and decide for yourself.


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