My daughter attended a friend's birthday party at Fuji Ice Palace last weekend. I was a little nervous at first, imagining loads of children who hadn't been on the ice before clinging to each other and pulling each other down. But actually the kids had a lot of fun and there were no accidents. Frames which look a bit like walking frames are available to hold while skating and these are a God-send for anyone a bit wobbly on the ice.

It is a good place to have a birthday party and most kids are willing to have a try on the ice. There is nothing palatial about Fuji Ice Palace, as it is quite an old rink, but it is functional and very accessible. Just take the lift up to the third floor at the Jurong East Entertainment Centre and you are there.

Birthday Parties are given a 'private' corner for three hours where there is a table and benches with balloons and basic decorations. You can bring in your own food and any other decorations you might like. There is enough room here for the kids to play simple games if they need a break from the ice.

There is a minimum 10 skaters per party, and these are charged at $16.10 per adult and $12.80 per child. There is also a small fee for any attending non-skaters, but no other charges. Skate hire is included.

There was another birthday being celebrated the day we were there, and a nice touch is the Happy Birthday song which is dedicated to the birthday child. Fake snow is pumped out above the ice during the song and the kids can huddle under it trying to catch it.

You can download an application form at Fuji Ice Palace website.
2 Jurong East St. 13
#03-01, Jurong Entertainment Centre,
Singapore 609731
Tel: 6565 1905


Mommy Lose Weight said... @ May 16, 2008 at 8:33 PM

HI, thanks for dropping by my blog. do visit again :)

I havent been to Fuji Ice Palace before. Is it cold?

Milly said... @ May 16, 2008 at 9:55 PM

Hello! When we first walked into Fuji Ice Palace it felt pretty cold, but we soon got used to it..a hoody or cardigan and jeans are enough to keep you gloves if you are skating and falling!

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