The Malay Village on Geylang Road has closed. I must admit I never visited this place, which has been described by many as a white elephant. Touring dusty exhibits of cooking implements and traditional games obviously couldn't attract enough visitors to make it a viable enterprise.
It always seemed a little contrived to have a purpose built kampong as a tourist attraction, although I do find the kampong lifestyle enticing. I would much rather visit Pulau Ubin to get a feel of how Singapore would have been once-upon-a-time.
Previously I wrote about the Malay Heritage Museum where there is a small replica kampong upstairs, and this museum is worth visiting. This museum is compact and also in a very interesting area (Kampong Glam) so it actually works in the context of its surroundings. It is important that the Malay cultural history be remembered and valued, so it is a shame that the Malay Village couldn't have been more vibrant and enticing.
Did you visit the Malay Village? What are your thoughts on its closure?


joyec89 said... @ August 12, 2008 at 2:20 AM

hmmm... malay village is not closed actually. it is still in operation and conducting educational school tours around its museum and kampong days exhibition. there are even weddings held in the singghasana hall from time to time. the place will be even more lively during the hari raya light up starting from aug 30 and lasting for a month where there will be a hari raya bazaar around the village. it's a bit slow in business now but there's definitely reasons worth visiting especially in the hari raya month where there will be free dances and dramas. cheers!

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