I hope I am not being presumptuous in hoping that some readers have noticed that I have changed the layout of this blog. It is actually a pretty dramatic change, so I am wondering what people think of the new design. It wasn't done lightly, and it has taken days to feel happy with it.

I really enjoyed the old template, but was actually having some technical problems with it, and not being a technical person, it was a little scary to think that the whole thing could blow up in my face without me really understanding why. Lucky for me, I have some great, supportive people who have helped me through this. The experience has forced me to learn a little about HTML and other nerdy things which I hadn't even heard of eight months ago.

This new design has a lot more functionality for me and I will enjoy tweaking it a little over the next few weeks. But the most important thing is that you enjoy reading it. Please let me know what you think...is it easy to read? Is it quick to load? Is there anything you think could be improved? Afterall, if it doesn't work for you, then what's the point?


Anonymous said... @ May 18, 2008 at 2:58 AM

Hey i think this design looks really clean. But try changing the black if u can. Loads pretty fast as well, good job !

Andrea said... @ May 18, 2008 at 4:36 AM

My husband and I have been following your blog for over a month now as a possible move to Singapore is in our future for 2009.

I like the look of the new layout. It seems more business-like than the family oriented feel of before. I think I preferred the less professional look actually.

I particularly don't like the google ad box on the right. I'm sure the ad changes but the current ad happens to have some scantily clad women bearing things that I would not want my kids, or anyone for that matter, to see.

That said, I'm glad you have the blog and we will continue to follow your blog. It has helped us reinforce to our children the fun we can have on our possible adventure.

Milly said... @ May 18, 2008 at 7:06 AM

Hi Joana and Andrea,
Thanks for the feedback; it is great that you are finding the blog useful Andrea. Good luck in your possible move here.
Unfortunately I don't have any control over the content of the google image ad..in Singapore the ad seems to be much more targetted to children (Narnia film at the moment) but I will definitely consider reverting back to text ads after your comment.
I also understand where you are coming from when you say you like the less business looking design- I liked it too!

Andrea said... @ May 19, 2008 at 2:59 PM

I'm pretty new to the blog world so I have no idea about why it's better to do it one way or the other. We started a "family" blog because I like putting my thoughts out there for no one to read... :) but also because we felt like it might be good to have so our family and friends could follow us around wherever we happen to end up.

BTW, www.greatglam.com is what the ad is for just so you'll know what people are seeing over here. It's still there today. It stinks that you can't control or put a filter or something on ads for a family oriented blog.

Andrea said... @ May 25, 2008 at 5:47 AM

Well, I have to say that after writing my last comment it was not so smart that I put the web address to the very ad I was not happy with. Oh well... sorry about that.

Anyway, today, the ad is not there at all. There's an empty white box. I went ahead and clicked on the feedback button to google and well... gave them my feedback like they asked. I'm not sure if they removed it or if you figured out a way to do it. But I just wanted to let you know.

I've got your blog in my reader and I look forward to opening it up and seeing all the cool things/places we may get to do/visit someday.

Milly said... @ May 25, 2008 at 9:47 PM

Hi Andrea,
I am glad that the offensive ad has gone for you. I actually moved a local ad for free movie tickets to that spot, but was assuming that google would put something international there for you. Obviously not. An empty box isn't a good look, so will have to think again. Thanks for your feedback,its much appreciated.
BTW, I had a look at your blog-lovely family and I enjoyed reading it.

Andrea said... @ May 27, 2008 at 3:04 AM

Thanks for stopping by our blog. Perhaps our families will get to meet someday.

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