Back in February, 2008 I published a post about the swimming pools in Singapore. I listed the pools around Singapore that have toddler and teaching pools. This is very useful if you don't live in a condo and need to find a convenient pool.

One of the pools we like to visit is the School of Physical Education Swimming Complex on Evans Road. This pool was closed earlier in the year for renovations, so we were eager to visit again. We didn't notice any obvious 'renovations' to the complex when we visited last weekend-perhaps 'maintenance' is a better description as the tiles and paint are new. I also notices a couple of sun lounges which are definitely a new and welcome addition.

Anyway, this pool is pleasant with a few palm trees and some grass surrounding the pools. It is right behind the hockey field so you can watch a game through the fence if you like. There is no toddler pool, but the teaching pool is shallow enough for my 4 year old to stand in but deep enough to have a proper swim in (95cm if I remember correctly). The competition pool is huge, with a large seating area and proper springed diving boards.

The problem is that the pool is only open outside the school's curriculum hours and it is a good idea to call beforehand just to check that the pool isn't closed for a competition. We have been caught out a couple of times.

Afterwards we managed to pop into Mr Prata, a 24 hour prata restaurant which has many many different types of prata and dosai. Its not bad although a bit greasy for me and it never feel very clean. However, as its right across the road from the pool, it makes for an easy dinner before heading home.

School of Physical Education Swimming Complex
21 Evans Road
Singapore 259366
Tel: 65 6468 8393

Opening Hours
MON-FRI 6pm-9pm
SATURDAY: 2pm-9pm
SUNDAY/PHO: 8am-9pm


Constance Chan said... @ May 15, 2008 at 12:19 AM

yes, i've been to Mr Prata. the one by the roadside across Botanical Garden?

cool blog. first time here.

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