This is a problem once faced.

Have you ever been in a toys store, with hundreds of toys all around you, with all sorts of eye-catching colours but always unsure which one would be perfect for your child?

.. then all of a sudden, a retailer appears and tries to encourage you to buy a toy… usually a costly one… without even asking the age of your child or her likes and dislikes.

After listening to that salesperson, you actually start believing him, and you’re only moments away from paying for a toy with no guarantee that it will actually benefit your child.

In most of the cases, you’d pay for it, as I used to. I would go home and discover that my child was not interested in playing with the toy. This was very frustrating and I realized that the toy was not educational at all and in fact just useless…I had wasted time, money and energy buying something that would sit on a shelf collecting dust...

Does that sound familiar? In my next post, I will give you tips on how to avoid such unpleasant instances.

How satisfying would it feel to know exactly which toys are suitable for your child and not have to pay attention to any more salesman’s predefined “persuade to buy a toy" script.

Stay Tuned for my next post and yes please do tell your friends about it; I'm sure they have experienced the same thing….


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