Today we visited the new exhibition at the Science Centre, Singapore. It was the opening day today and I have never seen the museum so busy. In the past I have walked straight up to the ticket counter to purchase tickets, but today I had to queue up for twenty minutes. It is a Sunday and also local school holidays, so I should have been expecting it.

Dinosaurs are still able to capture the imagination of both children and adults. Ever since the first dinosaur fossils were found in the early 20th century, the mystery and and mythology of dinosaurs has enthralled people worldwide. In fact, only a tiny percentage of dinosaur species have been discovered, so paleantologists suggest there could be thousands more species to discover.

Entrance to the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit is included with your entrance fee, which is just as well as it is quite small. Quite nicely set out though, with most of the models having moving parts and loud growls to bring them to life. There is also a T-Rex replica skeleton, some amusing video footage of old dinosaur films, and a station where you can can sit inside a dinosaur's mouth and have your picture and a box where kids can play at discovering fossils.

The Dinosaurs Alive film at the onmitheatre compliments the exhibition well. Narrated by Michael Douglas, it shows some very interesting footage of paleontologists digging for fossils in the Gobi Desert and Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. For the children the most captivating parts are of course the computer-generated fighting dinosaurs. Its a 40 minute show, and runs throughout the day, so is easy to do along with a visit to the Science Centre.

10.00am to 6.00pm
Closed on Mondays except school and public holidays

For details on the exhibition and omnitheatre, Click the link below...

Dinosaurs Alive


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