I took Ben to see Kung Fu Panda today. I think Jack Black is hillarious, so I was happy to tag along. And it was an enjoyable film, with plenty of fast action kung fu moves and a nice message ('to make something special you just have to believe').

One review I read (by John P McCarthy) described the film as 'fast, light and easy to swallow', just like the dumplings that they throw around trying to train the panda some kung fu. It wasn't a laugh-a-minute film, so little kids may get bored in parts, but generally there was enough to keep my 5 year old entertained.

We saw the film at the Cathay Building, where Ben got in free with the Cathay Mom'n' Tots promotion. Then we had a little explore of the retail in the building- nothing much to interest kids except Ben & Jerry's Icecream, but some cute and funky boutiques for me to browse in one day without kids. We stopped off at a little cafe to have very nice dim sum. I like the black and white picture at the back showing what the Cathay Building looked like before the renovations.

The Cathay Building is not exactly a kids' mall (phew I hear you say), but it makes a nice change from the megamalls we are so accustomed to in Singapore. Actually it is what they call a 'niche mall', the niche being contemporary urban living for the discerning, or something along those lines.
At least the original art-deco facade has been conserved. The building has an interesting history. Did you know that when it opened its doors in 1939, the Cathay Building was Singapore’s first skyscraper? It housed Singapore’s first air-conditioned cinema, lavish apartments, a sophisticated restaurant and a hotel. The Cathay Cinema became an icon.

There is a good view from the top floors, and it is worth having a look around if you are in that part of town.
Cathay Building
2 Handy Road
Singapore 229233


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