The other day after the movies I took Ben across to the National Museum of Singapore for a quick look. We didn't have time to look at the Mozart Exhibition, but I thought it we could find something of interest in the free galleries.

And of course the first thing you see even before you even walk through the front door is the huge David Sculpture in the main atrium. Done by Indonesian artist Titarubi, it totally dominates the space and is quite a focal point for little children.

I love the way the artist has covered this iconic image of ideal masculine beauty with a very feminine brocade fabric. The delicate swirls and flowers soften his muscles and confuse his gender identity. He becomes a camp figure posing in front of the mirror! It also brings him into comtemporary culture, and for me this is brilliant.

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Singapore 178897
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Anonymous said... @ June 15, 2008 at 3:26 AM

Dear Milly,I arrived @ur blog after searching for clean swimming pools in Spore.I'm truly impressed with your efforts to locate decent pools here!*claps* I've always loved swimming too but i stopped ever since i found out how irregularly these pools are cleaned. I mean the pool water of cos.I find the idea of swimming in a pool which some1 just urinated in or washed his body in, totally disgusting.I don't know if u've ever witnessed such behaviour but as a female,i find such actions especially irksome.I would realli like to know what you think about this.Don't u think pools,esp those that are always crowded,oughta be washed on a daily basis?Hope to see ur response to this soon.:B

Milly said... @ June 15, 2008 at 6:36 AM

Hello B,
I totally agree with you. Of course the public pools should be cleaned everyday, especially if there are a lot of children having lessons in the pools. I will make enquiries into the disinfecting of the pools.
Personally I haven't witnessed anyone washing (yuk!) in a public pool, and I would imagine it's the kids who are more likely to urinate.
As for being crowded, none of the pools I have visited have been particularly crowded, even on the weekends. I must admit though, I haven't really noticed people showering before entering the pool. There is always going to be germs in public pools, where people clear their noses and throats into the water, so if you are worried, then perhaps one of the less frequented SAFRA pools may be a better option.

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