If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids this holiday, why not take them to Sentosa for a ride on the Sentosa Luge and Skyway? Ben was lucky enough to be taken the other day, and although he had to ride with his dad as he is under 6 years old, he loved it.

Usually this ride is fairly expensive, considering it takes no more than five minutes to come down the hill. One ride of the Luge/Skyway is S$10 and two rides are S$18. You can also purchase a Family Combo Ticket which is usually S$27 for 4 rounds (distributed around family members as you like) or S$49 for 8 ride combo.

Until 28 June, 2008, the 8 Ride Family Combo is being discounted from $49 to $40. This is quite a good deal, as it is a ride that you really need to do more than once.

A bit like a toboggan, this go-cart has steering and a brake system that lets younger kids slow down if they need to. It is safe enough for children over 6 years or 110cm to ride alone.

The ride starts near the Imbiah Lookout and finishes at the bottom of the hill near Siloso Beach (for map of Sentosa click here). This makes it easy to combine the Luge with a bit of relaxation at the beach, or in theory, combine it with the very popular "Songs Of the Sea" which shows daily at 7.40pm and 8.40pm.

Ascending the hill on the Skyway gives you a good view of the tankers on the water and the beach below. Ben found it a bit slow, after the speed of the Luge ride coming down, but that's 5 year old for you.

Sentosa Luge and Skyway
Imbiah Lookout,
Tel: 1800-SENTOSA (736-8672)


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