Are you looking for a great face painter for your child's birthday party?

The other day we had an impromptu gathering at a neighbour's house, and Queenie Ong of ArtyBody came along to give the kids a treat. Out came her palettes of professional paints, her cosmetic grade glitter, paintbrushes and stickers and away she went. She asked each child what they wanted and managed to transform excited, sweaty kids into fantasy creatures. The girls wanted to be cute kittens, while and a couple of the boys wanted to be mean dogs, so the grumpy dogs proceeded to chase the cute kittens around the garden.

Queenie decided to say goodbye to the corporate world when her son Max was born 15 months ago, and now focuses on her ArtyBody business. She has worked on the facepainting at Focus on the Family's Narnia Carnival on Orchard Road, National Day Parade, and MAAD (Market of Artists & Designers).

She does pregnant belly painting and commission work, but her main focus is kids' birthday parties. She can paint 10-15 children in an hour, depending on the designs and likes to work with the child's imagination, asking each child what he or she wants and working from there.

Queenie has a talent for livening up any party with her creative designs. The kids have a blast with popular themes such as animals, superheroes, butterflies, and princesses, and more unusual designs like planets and dinosaurs on their arms. She has even done Hello Kitty and Harry Potter parties. At one party, Queenie said a child asked for a 'snaggled toothed purple monster', so that is what he got.

If you mention that you heard about ArtyBody from this website, Queenie will give you 15 minutes free facepainting with a minimum 1 hour party booking.



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