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Two local restaurants; Globetrotters and the chain, Swensens, have just received some good press. The Straits Times reported that they are have "pledged to provide healthier dishes for children in a programme organised by the Health Promotion Board". This means that the meals will contain less salt and butter, more vegetables and less fried food.

We all know that "kids' menu" usually means chicken nuggets, hamburgers, fries and pizza. I find it frustrating when I try to instill healthy eating habits at home, and then taking the kids out for a meal means they are eating food that is high in fat and salt and low in nutrition.

When restaurants resort to these easy options it tells me they don't really care about quality, so it is great that these two restaurants have joined this 'Healthier Children's Menu Programme'. A shame that only two restaurants have joined, but perhaps more will follow. I will have to visit soon and see if the difference is noticeable.

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