I have previously written about go-karting at West Coast Park (WCP) but I haven't mentioned the Adventure Playground. This is a great area for the kids to play and there are enough obstacles and interesting areas to keep them ocupied for a couple of hours.

WCP covers an area of 50 ha and was first developed in 1979 on a piece of reclaimed land off Westcoast highway. There are various carparks and the park is divided into three core areas. Area 1 is the most easterly area, and is very quiet, with no facilities apart from toilets. This is a pleasant area for picnics. Area 2 is where the go-carting is located. There are also BBQ pits here and a bicycle obstacle course.

Area 3 is the most popular because of the Adventure Play Area. These playgrounds are suitable for all ages, with various styles of equipment. My kids' favourite is the flying foxes (only two out of four operational at the moment), the pirate ship playground and the giant pyramid. There is sand everywhere for safe play and a few benches for adults to rest. There is also a large playing field for football and the like and people often fly kites here.

The problem with the play areas is that there is no shade so they get terribly hot. Go early in the morning or in the late afternoon. The other problem is that the only place to buy F&B is Mcdonalds. It is a very pleasant outlet with an open-air section, but all the same, the food is still McDonalds.

West Coast Park,
Off west Coast Highway


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