We have been busy tourists trying to fit everything in while Bec is here from Australia, and I must say that being tour guide is exhausting! Everything is pretty spread out and we are reliant on taxis to get us almost everywhere. One day I will drum up enough courage to hire a car for a few days and see the island that way.

Since my last post we have been for the swim (tick), visited the Night Safari (tick), taken a ride on the Singapore Flyer (tick), been to the Jurong Bird Park (not on the list), and had a masala dosai in Little India (tick). Today is rest day before we head to our favourite child-friendly resort, Sea Gypsy, in Malaysia for four nights.

All the outings have been lots of fun. The Night Safari is a highlight of anyone's visit to Singapore. There is something special about seeing the animals at night, even though I found the commentary on the tram annoying and the noise of the people around us intrusive. We didn't manage to catch the show, but that didn't bother us too much as I've heard that it's not that interesting anyway. We tried to arrive early as by 9.30pm the kids are getting pretty tired and don't want to do much walking.

The Singapore Flyer was better than I had imagined. The children were excited to be visiting it as we had watched it's construction and marveled at it's size. As you enter there's a cheesey photo station where they take your picture and then superimpose it onto a capsule with background and it's all ready for you to buy for $15 as you leave (we didn't). The children were wondering which country we would come out in as we went through security checks and walked down the airport-like corridor towards the Flyer.

The views were good and the half an hour it takes to do one lap was just long enough (although Ben wanted to go again). Bec found it a little unnerving right at the highest point and Ben wanted to know why we weren't going upside down. We had the capsule all to ourselves which is the advantage of going during the week. There has been press lately telling us how popular the Flyer is and that it is on line to reach it's target of 2 million passengers in the first year... I wonder.

The Jurong Bird Park is worth taking visitors to if they have enough time. We bought a 3-in-1 Park Hopper for $40 per adult and $20 per child which will get us into the Singapore Zoo as well as the Night Safari and the Jurong Bird Park. This saved us $16.50 per adult ticket and $8.50 per child ticket.

We caught the Birds 'n Buddies Show which is a treat. The parrot singing Happy Birthday is hilarious and the low flying turkey vulture is spectacular. We missed the Birds of Prey Show but were lucky enough to catch the very eccentric Hanger Man from Japan performing outside the main monorail station. His slightly bizarre performance had us entertained but left many people scratching their heads. You can see Ben and some other kids here trying to pull a plunger from his bald head.
So we still have a few places to visit to fill the last few days of Bec's visit. We may have time for the Imperial Cheng Ho cruise out to Kusu Island which one reader recommended.
Have a Great National Day Singapore.

Singapore Flyer
30 Raffles Avenue


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