Ben and his friend had a great time playing at Fidgets the other day. We haven't spent much time here in the past, but Ben has been to a birthday party here and wanted to visit again. The draw for the children is the large space-good room to run around, unlike at Go-Go Bambini which can get a little congested.

The space meant that a small gang of boys formed and they proceeded to chase each other around for the best part of two hours. This is a great way to wear them out! There are also some steep slides at Fidgets and the equipment has plenty of obstacles and climbing structures to keep them entertained for a couple of hours. There are also separate areas for toddlers, and some Little Tikes cars which the boys had a go on, although really I think they are getting too big, don't you?

For the adults, the cafe is large and spacious, and if you're lucky enough to grab a comfy sofa, you can see into the play area. There are also monitors which give an idea of what's going on in there. All the latest issues of Hello!, Vogue and other women's/fashion mags are there as well as a couple of copies of the Straits Times. The coffee was passable and there are sandwiches and cakes available. There's also a kids' lunch pack consisting of a ham and cheese sandwich, apple, packet of crisps, and popper juice for S$10.

I prefer to visit Curry Garden around the front of Turf City. Their Roti Prata is lovely and light and the dahl you can have with it is not spicy so the kids enjoy it. They claim not to use any MSG in their food and the dishes are always fresh and tasty.

2oo Turf Club Road
Turf City, above Giant Supermarket
Tel: 65 6469 5069

Prices for unlimited play:
Adults and babies under 6 months free
Children under 2 years S$8
Children 2-10years S$15


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