Some of last year's lanterns

This year to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the lanterns at the Chinese Garden are featuring Hello Kitty and friends participating in various sporting races. The myriad of races include car racing, sailboat racing, tricycle racing and much, much more! I am presuming this is to tie in with the Olympics as well as the Singapore Grand Prix being held on the 26th September, and I am sure the lanterns will be pretty, but I am finding it hard to get excited about Hello Kitty riding a tricycle.

Of course Hello Kitty is hugely popular in Asia, and if it ever stops raining I will try to catch the lanterns and try a few mooncakes. There will also be cultural entertainment from China and plenty of F&B stalls.

Last year the lanterns depicted huge fish, penguins, and other aquatic animals as well as life size dinosaurs and mythical Chinese characters. The year before that the theme was Disney characters. I'm sure Hello Kitty will be cute and the small kids will love it.

Lantern Fantasy 2008
Chinese Gardens
29th August-28th September
Daily 6pm-11pm

Off Peak (Mon-Thurs)
Adults $12
Children (3yrs-12yrs) $8
Peak (Fri-Sun)
Adults $15
Children $10

Tickets available ot the gate or at AXS Stations Island-wide


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