We were still keen to visit the Petrosains Discovery Centre after our aborted attempt the other day, so we decided to try again. Second time around we got there earlier and were able to go straight in. This is obviously a popular place for school trips, but the groups didn't bother us.

The kids loved the ride at the beginning; a bit like a slow roller coaster with slide shows about Malaysia and it's people as we travelled through the dark tunnel. In fact the whole centre was full of interesting, interactive exhibits.

Most of the exhibits are related to Petronas and the petroleum industry in some way, so we learnt about where oil comes from, how it is refined, what kinds of products it makes, and there was some lovely propaganda telling us how Petronas cares for the environment and how we couldn't do without it.

The kids' favourite part was the simulated helicopter ride which took us to an oil platform. This was well done and we really felt like we had travelled out through a storm to this man-made island in the sea. Once there, we could pretend to drill for oil, and we experienced a little of what it would be like to work out there, checking out the cabins, canteens, and medical treatment room.

All in all, we were inside Petrosains for two and a half hours and the kids loved every minute. They concluded that it was better than the Science Centre in Singapore, which I was a little surprised about. So a great place to take the children for a morning's amusement.


Petronas Twin Towers
Level 4 Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur

tel: (603) 2331 8787


UmmAsad said... @ September 12, 2008 at 6:39 PM

Hi... I don't think you are "as strange to them as they are to us". The women wear Western clothes under their abayas, probably fancier than most of us wear at any time!

To answer your son's question- Muslims believe in covering the 'awrah, specific parts of the body. For women, the 'awrah includes everything except the face and hands, while for men it includes the body from navel to knee. So, even men should not wear tight trousers or short shorts to expose their bodies.

Women cover only in the presence of other men, but remove their abayas at home when women are around. The use of black is more of a cultural thing found in the Gulf region- and covering the face is also something that people do based on which opinion they follow in Islam.

....and... I have bookmarked your page because I find it useful. I'm an American/British convert to Islam with 4 kids, now living in Singapore, too.


Milly said... @ September 12, 2008 at 7:52 PM

Thanks Raihanah for your explaination!
I never knew that the men have to cover from the navel to the knee. I must say I did notice some very glamourous shoes, bags and polished nails amongst the women, as well as sequins and silk lining.
I must sound very ignorant, but I am fascinated as well, so I appreciate you putting us straight!

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