An article titled "Cups runneth over" in the Sunday Times caught my attention the other day. A photo of some primary school children, obviously in two teams of three, were busy stacking what looked like ordinary plastic cups.

These cups are actually custom-made plastic cups costing $18 each, and the children are participating in an extremely popular, competitive sport, called Sport Stacking. They race against the clock to stack their 12 cups into formations, trying to beat the other teams and their personal best times. This is great for hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills and can be very fast and challenging.

I had never heard of it before, but apparently cup-stacking has been around since 1980 and is touted as the fastest growing sport. There is a World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) ,and thousands of schools worldwide are adopting it as part of their physical education curriculum. Here in Singapore, the Singapore Sports Council offer cupstacking to schools under the Sports Education Programme.

Local company, Crazy Cups, offers grading, workshops, camps and annual inter-school competitions for all schools that have taken up their Crazy-Cups programs. They say it is a great ice-breaker and a perfect way to build team spirit and make new friends. But most importantly, cup stacking is fun.

If you want to see some cup-stacking first hand, head down to the Singapore Science Centre on Saturday, 13 September between 3-4pm. Representatives from Eunos Primary, Fairfield Methodist Primary and Gongshang Primary will engage in an exciting Crazy-Cups friendly competition.

This is part of this year's Science Carnival, the theme this year being "Fast Forward: The Science of Speed". This fun carnival will allow children to test their speed and reflexes in a variety of activities. Learn how your nervous system controls the speed of your movements! With over 20 exhibits and workshops, as well as science shows from the performers from SciTech this carnival will be lots of fun for primary kids.

The carnival is open from 11th - 17th, and during the week the space will be full of school groups, so I suggest going on the weekend if you want to avoid those crowds.

Annexe Building Hall 2,
Singapore Science Centre
11th - 17th Sept
Time : 10am - 6pm daily
Entrance : Free to public (Science Centre entrance fee applicable but entrance to Annexe Building free)

Sport-Stacking Showcase
Date : Saturday, 13 Sep 2008
Time: 3-4pm

Take a look at the Crazy-Cups website, where they have loads of information about Sports-Stacking, from where to buy the cups, to how to stack them!


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