This photo is my contribution to the Formula 1 hype. The kids were looking through some old photos tonight and we came across this old one of Ben. He must be about 20 months old and is showing early talent as an F1 driver (haha). It's taken at Ritan Park, Beijing. We lived close by and the kids loved the rusty old rides, most of which were accompanied by very loud Chinese songs.

We didn't get anywhere near the race this weekend. It was very exciting watching it on TV, which is the perfect medium for watching motor racing I think. Without the commentary I would have been lost as to what was going on.

I did try to give the kids a little feel of what was happening by taking them down to Marina Square on Saturday afternoon, but the noise was so ferocious that we had to retreat into the shopping mall. Ben was screaming at me to leave, so my split second of F1 viewing was cut short.

Inside was busy, (thankfully, for the retailers) and it was quite a fun, buzzy atmosphere. The kids were happy with giant candy floss and playing some computer games. Ben joined a band for a bit, first on the drums then on guitar. He's not shy! Changed a bit too hasn't he!

If you want to read someone else's exciting first hand account of the race, go to Eastcoastlife. She was right there and experienced the thrills and spills first hand.


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