Here is the first of a series I am starting featuring my readers' weekend. Everyone in Singapore has their own favourite places to go and things to do, and with children especially it is always great to have a recommendation before heading out.

My first featured family is Kelly and Grant Hauber, and their two children Alaina (6 years) and Duncan (4 years). Kelly and Grant grew up in New York State, USA, and have been living in Singapore for almost 3 years. Thanks Kelly for all the great tips!

The Hauber family's weekend
by Kelly Hauber

Our weekends are usually pretty busy and we make sure we do plenty of things as a family. We have recently moved to Serangoon Gardens and the Country Club is a stone's throw away so we make good use of the pool and facilities there.

Alaina has a swimming lesson on Saturday mornings, while Duncan goes to CT Workshop. He loves this class. Each week, they learn a different mechanical concept and then build something to help the concept sink in. It is in an eight week cycle with a new project each week. He's worked on a see saw with a pulley, an incline plane and gears.

There is often a child's birthday party at some point over the weekend, and last weekend the venue was Fidgets. The place was quite busy, with two parties going on, and lots of rough boys chasing the girls around and basically make life unpleasant. The kids still had a great time and saw some friends they hadn't seen for ages.
We met some friends at the Chinese Gardens to see the lanterns after that. As expected, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of Hello Kittys scattered throughout the Garden. The foot traffic was heavy and there were places where it was difficult to get a view of the lanterns but overall, it was not bad.

The kids rode on a couple of rides, one was bumper boats where they could maneuver the boats by turning hand pedals and the other was motorized cars on a track.

At 8:28 (a lucky time), the fireworks began. At 8:29, they were finished. It was short but just right for us as the kids are used to a 7:30 bedtime. We left right after the fireworks.

On Sunday we saw the theatre production of Rainbow Fish at Alliance Francais. The kids love the Rainbow Fish books, and it was wonderful to see how the story was expanded with songs, dance and lots of humour. The best part was that it was pitch black except for the glow in the dark fish. The fish were part of the heads of the actors/puppeteers and they wore black bodysuits. The effect was wonderful, though I think that from the noise level that some of the younger children were afraid.

Since we were fairly close to Little India, we decided to go to our favorite Indian restaurant, Lagnaa (6 Upper Dickson Road). While a bit pricey, Lagnaa is made to order and delicious. This is a wonderful find and surprising as you walk up the stairs into a serene haven where you sit cross legged on the floor. We've been there several times with children of varying numbers and the folks at Lagnaa have always been kind and accommodating to the children.
After that, we all needed some down time, so we had a lazy Sunday afternoon relaxing at home.


eastcoastlife said... @ September 16, 2008 at 2:08 AM

The Hello Kitty lanterns at Chinese Garden are pretty and cute, I saw them on TV. I have yet to visit the venue. :)
I live in the east, the gardens' in the west. :(

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