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The big event this weekend of course is the Singapore F1, the world's first ever F1 night race . The whole of the CBD has been disrupted to make way for it but I'm sure it will be a great success. There could be opportunity to get a view of something without a ticket if you head towards Raffles Hotel and there are extra buses and trains all weekend. Definitely don't drive that way. The traffic anywhere that area is atrocious and of course the road closures make it difficult. My common sense is telling me to stay well clear of the whole thing...but then again perhaps the kids will enjoy listening to a bit of tyre screeching.

If you do have a ticket, you can make use of the Hippo Tours River Taxi which links Clarke Quay with the Singapore Flyer. It will cost you $5 but you will avoid the traffic jams. I hope this becomes a permanent service after F1 week.

If you're eager for anything F1-related, the Singapore Philatelic Museum is displaying stamps depicting racing cars, including vintage Grand Prix ones from countries such as Monaco, Italy, Britain and Australia. You can also see Singapore's special stamps for the first night race in the Formula One history. Until October 31st.

Philatelic Museum,
23B Coleman Street
Tel: 65 6337 3888

Don't want anything to do with he F1? Why not head to quieter fields at the Singapore Zoo. For the first time at the Zoo you can see how the probiscus monkeys live with other animals. Six out of a total number of 17 probiscus monkeys at the Zoo are being rehoused in a new habitat simulating their natural environment. We saw these endangered monkeys in Borneo when we visited earlier this year, and they are wonderful to watch. The Male's large nose makes their calls resonate apparently, helping to attract females. They love water (we saw many walking through the mangroves at Bako National Park, Sarawak) and the new enclosure has a large pool.

Don't forget to visit Borders or PageOne for an afternoon of storytelling and games as the Putumayo Kids launches its new CD/DVD set, Sesame Street Playground featuring music from around the world. Please see my post here for more details.

Mama Mia! The Movie is lots of fun and perfectly appropriate for 7-8 year olds. There are a few references which I think would fly over young viewers' heads, and the music will get them singing along even if they didn't know the music beforehand. It's playing at Cathay and Golden Village.


eastcoastlife said... @ September 29, 2008 at 4:08 AM

What an awesome weekend at the Marina Bay! The Singapore F1 Night Race was dramatic and filled with thrills and spills!

Alonso is a fantastic driver but luck played a part too. I feel sorry for Massa.

The burning smell and loud screeching of the tires are going to stay with me until next year's race. Looking forward to it. :)

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