Last weekend we visited Borders at Wheelock Place to join the fun as Putumayo launched their latest CD/DVD set, Sesame Street Playground. There were lots of kids there ready to be entertained and enjoy the music.

Sarah Tng and Harlina along with characters from Sesame Street took the kids on a journey around the world, from USA to India and Israel. At each destination we got a chance to hear the charming music from that country.

The Sesame Street Playground includes foreign interpretations of classic Sesame Street songs, such as a Chinese Language "Rubber Duckie" and variations on the show’s unforgettable theme (e.g., Holland’s “Sesamstraat”). The 2-disc set includes a CD with 13 fun songs and a DVD with 5 music videos.The kids were given the chance to learn a few lines of the music so they could sing along.

I love the Putumayo Kids CDs. They give the children a great introduction to music from around the world. We were given a great goodie bag after the event at the weekend, which included a sample CD of music from 10 of the CDs. This included music from French Playground, Brazilian Playground, Reggae Playground, Latin Playground and more.

I bought the Reggae Playground CD which has reggae music from Cuba, Jamaica, Indonesia and Hawaii and others. It comes with a four-language booklet telling a little bit about the musicians and the songs they perform.

I quote from the booklet: "We invite you to hop on our reggae bus and travel around the world with these fun songs from some very surprising places. We hope you enjoy our global reggae party!"


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