There seems to be a steady stream of festivals here in Singapore, and October is a busy month for cultural activities. Here are a few festival-type happenings coming up.

This one is something for mums and dads, not the kids, but being yoga fan, I thought I'd mention it anyway. Every evening next week (Monday 20th October - Friday 24th October) there will be a free yoga session at the Sun Tent in Esplanade Park as part of the Singapore Sun Festival.

The instructors from Pure Yoga will guide you through 60 to 75-minute yoga session, each session letting you taste a different style of yoga. For a full run-down on each class go the Singapore Sun Festival website here. There are also Yoga and Taiji workshops being held by visiting masters which must be booked through sistic. See the Singapore Sun Festival website for details.

Another Singapore festival about to begin is Pesta Raya: Malay Festival of Arts. Between 24 Oct - 02 Nov at the Esplanade you can celebrating Malay music, theatre and dance, through a diverse range of performances, from Indonesia's top indie rock band Ungu to poetry theatre to children's musical and classical Javanese dance fused with modern western classical music. There is a variety of free programmes which take you on a journey through Asia with colourful songs and dances from the Malay Archipelago.
Children ages 4 and above will enjoy 100% Cilik, a performance by talented young artists from Sriwana, Singapore’s oldest Malay cultural group, singing and dancing in this mini musical about the importance of trust, courtesy, responsibility and friendship.
Playing on Monday, 27 Oct 08, 4pm & 8pm at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. Standard Ticket Price is $22 and student tickets available. See the Pesta Raya 2008 website for details of other performances.

The fascinating Theemidhi, or Firewalking Festival is on early Monday 20th October this year at Sri Mariamman Temple. This annual ritual attracts thousands of Hindus especially Tamilians settled in Singapore, who walks over a bed of hot burning coal.
The Hindu Blog tells me that "devotees young and old walking over a four meter pit of burning coal specially prepared at the Mariamman Temple. The chief priest of Sri Mariamman Temple after special prayers and pujas walks over the burning coal and he is followed by those devotees who wish to take part in the ritual... All devotees come out of the coal bed without any burns."

Here is some YouTube footage of the Mariamann Temple during the Firewalking:


eastcoastlife said... @ October 20, 2008 at 8:43 PM

arghhhh.... I missed the firewalking ceremony! Too busy with overseas guests.

Have you sent in your LG Plasma TV entry? It is closing this Saturday. Try your luck. All the best, Milly!

You have two chances!

Milly said... @ October 21, 2008 at 2:06 AM

I missed it too! Too early for me...
I can't enter your competition cos cannot for the life of me find questions 4, 8 and 9!! I missed them along the way..have you hidden them?

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