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Is Pulau Ubin one of those places on your list of places to go but you've never quite made it? Or perhaps you need a little nudge to make the trip? Well this could be the incentive you need. Once every three months, IE., March, June, September and December, a group of volunteer guides from the NUS' Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research conduct a cycling tour of the island. The next tour is on 16th December, 2008, so get registered!

The enthusiastic guides are passionate about sharing their love of nature and heritage, and the interesting history of Pulau Ubin. You will discover resident hornbills, wild fruit trees, the Ubin Quarry, the interesting "German Girl Shine" (and the story attached to it), and enjoy wonderful views across to Johor Bahru. The actual route depends on the guide, and it is a great way to see the island and learn some interesting stories along the way.

Pulau Ubin has a lot of wild jungle and the places of interest are tucked away, so although you can cycle around the island without a guide, you will miss a lot of the interesting facts and stories about the place.
We have cycled around on our own, and it was not an easy ride, especially for hubby who had Ben in child's seat on his bike. It is hot and although mostly paved, some of the roads are gravel or dirt, with a few steep inclines. But if you can balance yourself on a bike, you will manage. Kids can join the group cycle if they are competent riders. Depending on the child's competency, a 10 year old will enjoy this tour. It is a trip they will never forget.

Here is the procedure:
First of all, have a look at Yuhui's blog for a detailed post about their ride with Pedal Ubin, then:

  • You sign up here. They ask for your cycling ability, and 'wobbly' is fine!

  • Take the 8am ferry from Changi Ferry Terminal

  • Hire a bike from one of the bike hire shops to the left of the jetty for the whole day. Check the brakes, gears and other parts of the bicycle - cycle around the village until you feel everything is working, and you are comfortable with the bike height and saddle.

  • Meet the volunteers at the Pulau Ubin Volunteer Hub at 8.30 am

  • The tour takes between 3.5 and 4 hours, so have lunch at one of the seafood restaurants afterwards.

Pedal Ubin strongly recommends that you wear a helmet, although you will not be travelling fast, it could save your life in a freak accident.

What to bring:

  • At least 1.5 liters of drinking water per person.

  • Some snacks in case if you are the sort that gets hungry before lunch.

  • A change of clothes is recommended - you will get very sweaty!

  • A cap and/or raincoat as it can get very hot, it also rain a lot!

  • Insect repellent, especially if you are vulnerable to insect bites.

  • Have a GOOD breakfast before the ride.

  • Wear shoes (covered-toes and laced), not flip flops.

The tour is free, all you need to pay for is your ferry ticket ($4 return)and you bike hire (S$6-S$10), and your delicious and well deserved lunch at the end. Good luck and enjoy!


Monica said... @ December 4, 2008 at 2:13 AM

wow! I'm sure kids will enjoy this tour very much ;-)

Anonymous said... @ December 4, 2008 at 8:20 PM

Hey, nice trip, i did the same with my little brother an he really enjoyed the cycling, can only recommend it!


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