This really will be my last Halloween post for the year. I can't believe how much energy I've spent googling, writing, planning, dressing up, cooking and enjoying this event. The kids have had a blast, first at the Halloween party at GoGo Bambini on Friday night where they played all sorts of spooky games, and then trick or treating around the neighbourhood on Saturday night.

About half a dozen families gathered at our place before hand so that we could feed the children and ourselves before the candy onslaught. Then we all wandered down the street to visit the participating houses. The winner for OTT decorations would definitely go to the Bertocchi family whose gate was decorated to resemble a pirate ship, complete with glowing lanterns, floating, howling ghosts, dry ice and carved pumpkins. Well done Marisa!

There were lots of skeletons and witches trick or treating, so we ran out of candy by 8pm or so- sorry guys! I ended up raiding my kids' pumpkins which were overflowing with candy. It was a fun night, and believe me the photos don't do the costumes and decorations justice.

Go Go Bambini games

Scary mums Jill and Cathy

Noah, Ben and Frankie playing the part

Ruby as a dead Hannah Montana

Witchy poo

Sunni isn't into candy yet

Leo and Dad

Captain Judith giving out the goodies


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