My desk, but where am I?

First of all I have to say CONGRATULATIONS to all the Americans who voted for Obama. This is truly an historic achievement and one that is not only inspiring for Americans, but for the whole world. I live in a bit of a bubble here in safe, quiet Singapore, but I still cannot help feel excited about the future now.

That said, let me get onto the topic of this post. I think I am a compulsive procrastinator. I am either a very clever multi-tasker, or a lazy person who will find a thousand tasks to do before getting down to work.

Do any other work-at-home mums feel this way? Time management is a real issue when there are so many distractions around you. And I'm not even talking real-live babies and children. Just the everyday household duties, which have to be done by someone, keep raising their ugly head and calling me from my desk.

Here is a list of things I have done this morning while I knew I should be sitting writing (I can just see my husband's face when he reads this).

  1. caught up with yesterday's newspaper over breakfast
  2. checked emails
  3. checked blog stats
  4. put in a load of washing
  5. did the washing up-there's always something to wash up, even if I do it the night before
  6. fed the cat and the hamsters
  7. hung out the washing
  8. made the beds
  9. had a long shower
  10. applied face-mask
  11. practised my vueltas (flamenco turns-I have an exam on Sunday and they are a killer)
  12. made a pot of coffee-thats REAL coffee, not instant
  13. washed off face-mask, toned, moisturised
  14. checked emails again
  15. visited entrecard and dropped a few cards

What do you think? Is there hope for me? Some of these things really do need to be done, and my task is to find time for everything. I know that when the kids get home that's it-there's homework to supervise, temper tantrums to placate, dinner to be cooked and the list goes on.

I try to put aside the morning as work time, but my attention span is very short. Checking emails and stats all the time is a real time-waster. I try to check my stats only once a day, and I have read that you should set aside 15 minutes, 4 times a day to check emails. This sounds doable.

At Moomette's Magnificents, she suggests turning down your phone ringer as well. This isn't an issue with me as my phone hardly rings, although text messages are a distraction. I will try turning down my hand phone volume.

One thing I do to increase my productivity and concentration is listen to Binaural Sounds. These are high frequency sound waves which "gently guide brain activity into the specific patterns that allow rapid access to high-performance brain states for quick thinking and deep concentration." This does help if I am writing and I find the time flies by and the thoughts come to me easily.

Being productive is so important, but family life must go on. This is the real dilemma-finding a balance. How do you manage your time? Any tips for a born procrastinator?


Anonymous said... @ November 9, 2008 at 11:24 PM

Hi Milly, I sometimes also have the same tendencies, procrastinate until the last minute. Sooner or later this has to change, before something is ruined merely because of procrastinating (delaying what needs to be done)

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