Have you ever tried putting a party bag together and finding it difficult to get quality toys rather than lollies and candy without the price going over $10 per child? I have traipsed from Chinatown to Little India to my local HDB shops looking for little toys that are age appropriate and not too tacky. These days I don't have time to do this, but think I have found an on-line solution.

This site that will make planning your child's birthday part a whole lot easier. If you log onto Stuffed Party Bags you can view and order age appropriate party bags full of great novelty toys. The bags are $8.50 each plus $5 delivery fee and have such things as croc keyrings, mini magnetic calculators, super balls, body glitter, lip gloss, soccer wrist bands and lots more.

Soon the site will be updated to enable you to view a gallery of the novelty toys from which to choose from. They will be set in age groups to make life even easier for you. You can also include a personalise message for each child and a different message for the birthday child if he or she is receiving a bag. The toys will also be available for individual purchase, so you can use them as Christmas stocking fillers, party games prizes and the like.

The business was started in 2006 by two mums from Australia, and the party bags originally included Australian treats like twisties and freddo frogs. Since then, Sue, who has two boys herself, has decided to only include perishables upon request. This means there is more room for quality toys which the kids can actually keep.

This is really a life saver for all busy parents organising a birthday party. Make sure you give at least two weeks notice, however, and you can revise the number of children closer to the date of the party once you know exact numbers.


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