I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was busy with kids' birthday parties. On Saturday Maya was invited to a friend's party in the afternoon, and then on Sunday it was her Forest Adventure party. I am so happy with how the day went; all the kids said it was the best party in 9 years (Maya was 9 yesterday) and I think that's saying something!

First I want to thank the staff at Forest Adventure for making the afternoon so much fun. They reserved three picnic tables for us, so that when we arrived we were able to throw some chips and drinks on the table and wait for the kids to arrive. Once they were all present, they were harnessed up for their 'adventure' and away they went.

Some parents relaxed and chatted while others followed their kids around, encouraging them along the way. It is a real confidence boost for the kids who complete the course, especially for the little ones who found it quite challenging. The older ones (7 years+) can get around quite quickly, and Maya finished in around 15/20 minutes. The others got stuck behind Ben who was much slower, but he concentrated hard and although I could see he was nervous up there, he loved every minute and was eager to do a second round.

When the kids turn 10 they can do the 'Grand Course', which is much longer, with 4 zip lines and lots of obstacles. They must be accompanied by an adult to do this course as it takes about 2 hours to complete, so good weather is needed. Perhaps next year Maya will be ready for it.

We were extremely lucky that the rain waited for all the kids to finish their course, some doing it twice, before coming down in a monsoonal downpour. We all huddled under a tarpaulin hitched up between trees for just such occasions. The wind was so strong and the rain so heavy that the ground became a mud bath and I felt that we would all float away any moment. The kids had a ball playing in the rain and the mud, and soon it had eased off enough to light the candles and have a slice of soggy cake. The goody bags by Stuffed! were a hit and the kids loved the little novelty gifts inside. This is the last big party for us; the kids can have a cake and a kiss next year!

Maya thought the helmet was hilarious

Florrie being fitted out

All ready to go

Waiting to climb the first ladder

Maya raced ahead

Ruby contemplating the tunnel

Ben found this a little challenging

Sheltering from the sudden downpour


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