Here I am (in red) waving to the crowds at Chingay 2007

I am so excited; tonight is the pre-show of the Chingay Parade (Saturday night being the televised Parade). Ever since I performed the Sevillanas (Spanish Folk Dance) with Dance Circle Studio in Chingay 2007, the parade has held a special place in my heart. The energy and exuberance of the performers is amazing. To be involve in the parade was such a great experience; we all had such a ball, even though as an amateur and beginner I was very nervous to be performing in front of so many people.

Since 2007 the Parade has been moved to from Orchard Road to City Hall, which I think is actually better for viewing from the street, although the crowd still gets 3 or 4 deep, so chances are you'll still be craning over someone's shoulder. I checked out Sistic the other day and all tickets are sold out, so I'll be heading down to the Padang pretty early to get a good spot. I hope the kids are happy with plenty of hanging around.

Last year's parade was fun; I especially liked the Star Wars characters and the enthusiasm of the Japanese performers from the local Japanese community. There are 14 floats this year, along with 4000 performers, including members of the Zambiacongo Capoeira Group and Tanglin Trust School. International troupes from Indian, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and China will be performing and of course there will be lion and dragon dances.

There will be road closures so my advise is to get the MRT to Raffles Place and walk across to the Padang. This is where we were last year, and although we had to wait a while for the parade to reach us, we had a pretty good view. Parade starts at 8.30pm, but get there early. If you don't fancy the crowds, watch it on television tomorrow night (Saturday 31 January).


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