Some Chingay 2009 pictures

What an entertaining weekend. First there was the Chingay Parade on Friday night and on Saturday night we visited the New Year Celebration at our local HDB estate, and of course the finals at the Australian Open last night. I was awe struck by the brilliance of Nadal, and felt the crushing disappointment of Federer.

We were impressed once again by the colour, imagination and energy that went into the Chingay Parade. The kids were enthralled for the whole 2 hours and I had fun trying to take some decent photos, which was a challenge with everything rushing past us. Most of my pictures are a blurred mess; very disappointing, but a couple turned out ok. We had a great spot to view the action as the crowds were pretty manageable, so no excuses.

The local Buona Vista celebration was fun too, with lion dance, dragons and some awesome slaying of the dragon with various swords and weaponry. Ben has been reenacting the moves ever since.

But with all this excitement, my favourite part of the weekend was running around on the grass in the Botanical Gardens playing tag with my kids. It was 7pm, the sun was almost down, it was cool, and we had the place to ourselves. For a few minutes I felt like a kid again myself. I must remember to grab these moments more often...before I'm too old to run around!


Anonymous said... @ February 2, 2009 at 4:01 PM

Found you through entrecard....

Those were some great pictures!

I envy you having a place to run around with your kids. We live a bit far from any parks around here and our street are full of vehicles so we don't have much space to run around.

Anonymous said... @ February 2, 2009 at 8:32 PM

I went as well, it was great, and I really dont see the need to buy a ticket, afterwards we headed to Settlers Cafe for boardgames :) So nice..

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