The Kids learning about Gravity with the retro looking Gravitram

We visited the Science Centre, Singapore on the weekend. I have written about the Science Centre before, but it is worth another post as it is really a fun place for kids as well as for the older kids (us adults), especially on a rainy afternoon. Mind you, the place was packed on Saturday afternoon, due to a food fair as well as the opening of a new Imax show, Sea Monsters:A Prehistoric Adventure.

This 40 minute movie mixes reenactments of historical archaeological digs with computer generated versions of the animals that would have inhabited the oceans during the Cretaceous period, 82 million years ago. We follow a family of long-nosed Dolichorhynchops, a little like dolphins, and watch as they come face to face with amazing beasts such as the giraffe-necked Styxosaurus, 12m super predator Tylosaurus, Xiphactinus, sharks, giant turtles and more. It is quite exciting and I just love leaning back in the chair and immersing myself in their world.

There is also another film showing called The Alps, which sounds quite spectacular. It follows the story of a young mountain-climber, John Harlin III, in his journey to the peak of the Eiger, a beautiful but deadly mountain in the Swiss Alps. This is playing until the end on April, so we will try to catch it.

Ben wondering where the carbon is

In the actual Science Centre itself we came across exhibits I hadn't seen before. There is an excellent Climate Change Exhibition with lots of interactive educational tools. You can calculate your carbon footprint, learn about eco cities, find out about ongoing research at the Polar Regions, the ‘frontlines’ of climate change. Learn about past climate and climate influencing events, feel the difference between Natural and Amplified Warming and see the Carbon Cycle in action.

The Magic Show

There is also a Magic Exhibition that we didn't manage to see that as we were rushing to the Imax showing, but sounds interesting. We did, however, make the daily 3.30pm showing of the Magic Show, performed by a local magician who called himself JK. It was a pretty standard magic show, but the kids were impressed with the flame turning into a rose, and the rope becoming unknotted. He was entertaining and very popular with the audience. The auditorium was over booked and we had to stand, so get there early if you go on a weekend. This show is included in your ticket to the Magic Exhibition (S$9adults, S$7 children).

Science Centre Singapore

15 Science Centre Road

Singapore 609081

Tel: (65) 6425-2500


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