PoshTots - extraordinary children's furnishings!

Did anyone notice the new banner at the very top right hand side of the blog? It is a link to an luxurious online children's furniture store, called Posh Tot's. I do not call many sites amazing, but the items for sale on this one are truly one of a kind..and very posh.

Take the La Belle Au Bois Dormant Coach for instance. This elaborate Sleeping Beauty Coach is pure fantasy, with 100 pieces of wood in each wheel and solid cherry wood panels making up the body of the coach. All the draping and upholstery is pure silk. The price? US$75,000

All items are beautifully crafted and not in the least practical. The bassinets are so pretty it makes me want to have another baby, if I had a full time nanny to starch all the beautiful linen that is. Even the humble change table is a piece of furniture you could hand down as an heir loom.

There are many practical items though, and a great sale on at the moment, some items being down 85%, so have a look at Posh Tot's and you may find yourself redesigning your whole babies nursery.


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