Myself (in red) with some of the other Dance Circle Studio dancers at Feria, 2009

The weekend is over, and so is the Feria for 2009. It was a fantastic success; the turnout was great and everyone had a wonderful time. The sweltering heat didn't dampen anyone's mood, although costumes, makeup and hair styles did get a battering.

There were some amazing performances, so congratulations to everyone who took part, as well as to the organisers. But what I love most about the whole event, and about the Spanish celebration generally, is that people of all ages are there to enjoying the music and the atmosphere without inhibition. It is a mixture of skillful dancers showing off their latest footwork, beginners and intermediates learning and growing from performing in a close and supportive environment, and everyone else just loving the party of the Sevillanas.

For me personally it was a wonderful experience to be part of such an exciting event. To be doing this in my 'auntie' years (some of the dancers are teenagers) is a real thrill as I never imagined performing when I was younger. The connection I developed with the other dancers, as well as the wonderful Ditta Rose was very special, and I just loved the rehearsals almost more than the actual performance. The performance was over so quickly, I can hardly remember it!

But I will remember the excitement of little Ashia as she jumped around in anticipation before the performance, the calm maturity of Rashmi as she prepared herself, and the ever cheerful and helpful Namiko applying those caterpillars on my eyelids. My only regret is that my husband and kids weren't there to enjoy it all. Hopefully there will be a not-too-embarrassing video for them to watch.


Dominique said... @ April 21, 2009 at 6:45 AM

You look great in red:) It must have been a great experience dancing

Rashmi said... @ April 25, 2009 at 11:01 PM

hi wow! i didnt know you had a blog! cool :)

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